Privacy Policy

Dedicated Care Living Privacy Policy

Dedicated Care Living focuses on caring for the well-being of our extended family, our patients. We believe that caring should come from the heart, that it should be more than just the call of our profession. Our goal, our mission, is in providing quality in home care services, we are not in the business of data collection.

The Information That We Do Receive

When ever someone visits our site, our website tracking collects the following information;

  • The website or search engine that you were on right before you landed on our site.
  • The website page that you landed on our site. For example, our home page, or our about us page, etc...
  • Your location such as State and the city, town or village that you're in, during the time that you visited our website.
  • The type of device that you were using when you landed on our site, such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • The web browser that you used, such as Google Chrome, Yahoo Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc....
  • The different web pages that you visited on our site.
  • The time you spent on each web page, home, about us, etc and the total amount of time that you spent overall on our site.

Dedicated Care Living does not know your name, we do not know your phone number, and we do not know your address. Those details are voluntarily given to us by the site visitor, when they fill out our Contact Us form.

For example, if he or she wants to wear the same outfit every day, consider buying a few identical outfits. If bathing is met with resistance, consider doing it less often.


We will receive your personal information (name, phone number, email) when you voluntarily fill out our Contact Us form and submit it to us. Your address is optional for you to include when filling out our Contact Us Form. If you fill out one of our employment applications, we then will receive additional information provided by you, and voluntarily given/submitted to us by you. Information such as Your Address, Email Address, Phone Numbers and Addresses of References that you provide, and any other information that can be considered sensitive or personal.


When you do submit your personal information to us, we store that information on our computer, and make a record as to how we handled your request. The record includes your name, phone number, email address, and home address if it was provided by you. We log what the initial contact was for, the steps we took, and the final results; such as 1. we assigned a caregiver to provide in home care services for you or a loved one, or 2. You were just looking for information about services, but did not sign on to services with us. We basically keep a log as to what happened from the beginning of contact, to the end of contact, with or with out results or services.


We Do Not Share, Nor Sell any information you provide to us with any other company. Information voluntarily given to us is for our use only.


You may request that we do not store your information, and we will gladly comply with your request. There's 3 ways to do this. 1.) Call us at 888-355-7088, 2.) email us at, 3.) Tell us your request in person.

Dedicated Care Living is focused on Quality In Home Care, and Not Data Collection